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Wellspring first opened its doors in 2004 with five therapists on staff, and since that time has established a reputation for excellence in the community. Many of us have entered the field through other disciplines, with other advanced degrees in such fields as education and divinity. This broad base of life experience and study makes for a rich treatment milieu - through consultation with and education of each other, we have much to offer to you!

Bernie Legner, LMFT
Bernie Legner, LMFT

Dr. Legner's skilled therapy practices specialize in treatments for conditions related to depression, anxiety, PTSD, and the influence of abuse and neglect upon individual, marital and family function. Dr. Legner is especially successful working with adolescents and their families. Dr. Legner employs his unique integration of family systems, narrative, developmental, and attribution theories within a mutual inclusive conversation about clients' hopes, dreams, and yearnings for self and the other most significant people in their life. Hypnosis is a neutral state of attentive concentration freely achieved as the therapist and client work together toward a common goal of deep relaxation. Arriving at this deeply relaxed state frees the clients' mind to acquire new skills and learning. Through the clients' acquired self-hypnosis skills, they can increase emotional calm, quiet an overactive mind, cease smoking, moderate pain level, and enhance self-confidence and a deeper awareness of personal competence.

Robert Isaac Skidmore, M. Div., M.A. LPC
Robert Isaac Skidmore, Ph.D., M. Div., LPC

Robert Isaac Skidmore is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor who counsels individuals, couples and families. His specialties include helping with challenges of identity and meaning, often working with those who have endured trauma either early or later in life. Rob has a M.Div. in theology and pastoral studies, from St. Vladimir's Seminary in New York, a M.A. in Psychology, from Southern Oregon University, and a Ph.D. in depth psychotherapy from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. "Personhood is rooted in something vaster than your experience of yourself as an individual. By listening deeply, I help you towards awareness of this broader self, including strengths and resources previously unknown––and towards useful understanding of life challenges. Wonder and curiosity are powerful agents of healing that we get to employ as we work together."


Martha Hutchison, LCSW

Martha has over 25 years in the field of behavioral health treatment. She works with adults and couples experiencing a wide variety of issues. Her approach is collaborative, holistic and rooted in relationship with an emphasis on presence and deep listening. Creating a safe environment for exploration and reflection are key aspects of her practice. Martha seeks to honor all spiritual paths and support the natural unfolding of the soul. Identifying patterns of thought and behavior that block health, growth and creativity are an important part of the work as well as offering tools to assist you in moving forward toward your desired goals. Martha offers several evidence based practices that may address specific issues, including Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapy. Her training in family systems theory as well as study of object relations theory informs her work.


Raymond “Dirk” Shumway, LCSW

In his 50+ years of life experience and 20+ years of work as a therapist, Dirk has learned that life is hard and at times painful—that we sometimes endure great suffering, get stuck, and become unable to move forward on our life’s journey. We become unable to feel the connection to our Source, to life, to our relationships with others, or to find joy. Dirk has learned that there are things that we do, conditioned physical responses, unhealthy thought patterns and storylines that we ruminate upon, and false beliefs we have developed, that can amplify our suffering and interfere with our ability to experience the joy of living. Dirk has spent years studying, practicing, and treating the issues that cause unnecessary suffering, both in himself and in the people with whom he has worked. He has tapped into ancient and modern knowledge that can ease our life experience, allowing us to understand and address false belief systems, heal from trauma, change our body’s conditioned responses, and live a value driven life of purpose and satisfaction.


Susan Sherril, MS, NBCC, LPC, RYT

Susan works with the strengths you possess, along with your innate wisdom, instincts, goals and dreams, to help you minimize areas of hurt, negativity, or pain. Through her listening and relating, she normalizes, validates, educates, and mirrors. She holds space for healing, and guides when needed––with a toolbox of skills to impart to you. Susan is a certified yoga instructor, experienced in movement, breathing techniques, Mindfulness, and meditation. She helps those with chronic pain through use of guided imagery, progressive relaxation, pain management, diet and exercise, nutrition, and holistic living. Susan is trained in human development and the treatment of complex trauma. She has participated in workshops in Self Psychology, somatic mind-body therapy (Hakomi), Compassionate Communication, Yoga Mindfulness, Role Play, Conflict and Mediation, Inner Child work, Art and Play therapies, and Experiential empty chair. She works collaboratively with you to help you cultivate happiness and fulfillment, connect more fully with others in your life, and establish new goals and lifestyle patterns.


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